Six Key Statements From Passionate Pastors


This past month we were privileged and extremely honored to have Pastor Paul De Jong with us from LIFE New Zealand. Pastor Paul is an apostle the the nation of New Zealand and a highly influential leader of the world. Every session was jam packed with information, revelation, and impartation. To the point that you couldn’t take notes fast enough.

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Throughout the day things were said that resonated with everyone there. Here are six statements that have greatly impacted our staff, and we hope they’ll do the same for you!

1. You’re not the savior of your soul, but you are the renovator of your soul.

As much as we pour out and give our lives to others, we should never lose sight of making improvements to our own. The soul is the innermost part of us, a part that no one sees. And because it’s not seen, it’s easily neglected. We need to keep making room what God wants to do in our lives.

2. Don’t teach on giving, teach on money.

Amongst other key principles, it’s important that we don’t just teach people how to give, but also give them a financial pathway that helps them understand money. When money touches the human hand, it will either become mammon or it will become seed. As pastors and leaders, we need to equip our people to understand the effects and possibilities of money.

3. Bigness of God only comes from smallness of self.

This seems so simple and basic, yet easily forgotten in ministry. John the Baptist said it best in John 3:30, “He must increase, I must decrease.” No matter how big and blessed our lives get, we can never lose sight of what it means to be a servant.

4. Revival comes when receive AND release.

Pastor Paul gave a great illustration about free divers and how they pack their lungs with air before descending into the water. In many ways, Christians can only inhale what God gives them and never exhale God into the lives of people around them.

5. You can develop your gift but you can’t grow your grace.

The bible talks about each having a gift from God, but it mentions elsewhere that we have each been given a measure of grace. No matter how tempting it may be, we are called to stay in our lanes, and work with what God has given us. Although we can glean and learn from others, if we don’t have grace for that area we can’t be discouraged.

6. Fruitfulness comes not just from what you add but also from what you take away. 

We can all agree sometimes we just try to do to much. If we’re always focusing on so many different programs and ideas, it’s hard to stay centered and make something effective. I’d rather be excellent in one area than mediocre if ten areas.

Here at Passionate Pastors, we believe God has the best in store for your lives and your ministries. If you’re committed to growing, stay tuned for more blogs and insightful teachings. Be sure to stay connected with us on our website and on twitter (@wegrowPastors). You can also connect with Pastor Paul De Jong on Twitter and Instagram. (@PaulDeJongNZ).



Going For Growth

For pastors and leaders, one of the most talked about strategies is how to grow our churches. Most of the time, our motive for growth is pure. We want our communities to be impacted by our mission, and we want more people to genuinely love and have a relationship with Jesus. While growth in numbers is an important measurable in our ministries, perhaps we should be seeing growth differently. Our prayer should not always be to have more people, but rather for people we already have, to grow more.

Jesus never tried to grow crowds. His ministry was about growing the one that was in the crowd. A passionate pastor will develop a burden not just for growing more people, but also for growing people themselves. We should believe God for our people to grow individually in their walk with God as well as congregationally. Any church that wants their people grow will have:


  1. Clear Pathway to Maturity

Do your people understand the pathway of your church? Behind close doors, our staff may have a great step-by-step process to grow people, but if we cannot simplify it for the regular attender we are missing it. What’s your churches pathway? And is vocally and visibly expressed in your services?

  1. Strategy for Success

This is crucial to the longevity of your congregates. Often times many people get to the last step of the pathway (for most churches, serving) and they don’t know what to do next. To have our people grow to where they want to be, we have to be equipping them to keep growing and becoming who God wants them to be.

  1. Honest Self Evaluations 

One of the greatest tools of growth is constant awareness and assessment. When we are growing people, we have to keep a close and honest watch on whether these principles of growth are being applied.

  1. Goals that are Attainable

Many people will not start a process that they don’t feel they can finish. If we are always portraying the mature Christian walk as difficult, many people will never feel they are good enough to have it. Have simple goals that people can reach, and celebrate them when they do!

  1. People who believe in them

The mission of our church will never be contagious without us believing in the people God sends us. It’s easy to get caught up in the strategy of growth and the expression of this growth, that we forget about the people we are trying to grow. Our church can have a great strategy, but without people, we’ll never see it come to pass.


We love you. We believe in you. We know God is ready to grow you!