A Heart After God (PYP Recap)


One of the greatest things to see here at Passionate Pastors is leaders who have a heart after God. Whether in worship, strategizing, development, or preaching, there’s nothing like watching a man or woman pursue God in all that they do.

This past Tuesday we help our second Youth Pastors gathering of the year. With messages from Chad Veach, Billy Heather, and a small cameo from pastor Obed Martinez, we believe this was our best gathering yet. There was much community and connection, it was hard to leave after the final prayer.

(If you missed it hit our youtube channel for all the sessions:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1MsLgvKzGH6zObDTPs6vkQ)

Our heart is that Passionate Pastors would always be where leaders would discover the vision and plan of God, but more importantly, we want people to leave knowing they have the heart of God. When you have God’s heart, you’ll never struggle in building His people. We want leaders to leave our gatherings seeing life, people, and ministry the way that God does.

This takes place so much more naturally, when there is continued unity and fellowship amongst the Body of Christ. Paul said in Ephesians 4, that we should be eager to “maintain the unity”. He never said create unity, or make unity, but rather maintain the unity that should already be there.

While there were many memorable moments from PYP, we’re going to give you 10 thoughts from Pastor Chad’s morning session. He titled the session, “10 Things Every Pastor Needs” and we are still reflecting on these principles this week in our offices.


1. An Ear

Every leader needs someone they can talk to. Someone that will listen to them as they share not just the good parts of their lives, but even the bad too.

2. A Voice

Who’s speaking potential and purpose over your life, and who’s speaking life into you?

3. A Bible

As a pastor, there is a temptation to read the Bible for your people, but truly healthy and successful men and women of God, are those who read the Bible for their own soul first. We read not to get something out of the Bible, but rather for it to put something into us.

4. A Pastor

We all need someone shepherding our soul and leading us in the direction they believe God is calling us!


5. An Apron

John 13 we read of Jesus washing His disciple’s feet. Showing us that even the Son of God wasn’t above serving. May we as leaders never forget the importance of sacrificial serving. We can’t expect others to do something we don’t do ourselves.

6. A Vision

Pastor Chad talked about always having a vision for your life. If you don’t have a vision, what is it that you’re working towards? Or what are you believing God for? John Maxwell said leaders see “more before”. Don’t wait for a vision, find one and run towards it with everything you’ve got!


7. A Word

When you have a word from God, the opinions of others will never disrupt your momentum. You’ll take more risks when you have, as Chad said, “A man with a Savior should always be willing to take a risk.”

8. A Heart After God

Pressing in to Jesus every day is crucial to having a healthy soul. When we’re in pursuit of Him we are more fulfilled and more content than anything else. Be a leader who loves Jesus and longs for more of Him everyday.

9. A Faith

Right believing leads to right behaving. The revelation that Pastor Chad gave on grace was one to remember! Every pastor needs to keep believing and walking by faith.


10. A Sabbath

Rest is more valuable than we make it sometimes. In order to be poured out into the lives of others, we ourselves needs to be getting filled up every chance we get.

Our prayer for you is that no matter what season you or your ministry is in, these ten things would become priorities for you. God’s given you everything you need to step into the next season of your life and through His wisdom and guidance we believe you’ll get there. “God will make you the best before you get put with the best.” Let’s keep being leaders who allow God to make us into who He’s designed us to be.

We love you, we believe in you, we’re praying for you! We’ll see you at our next Pastors gathering in November with Pastor Shaun Nepstad.



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