Let It Happen (Creative Ministry)

The world is naturally a creative place…


The world is naturally a creative place. Breathed from a God who created everything from nothing, the world, and really life itself, is a place of possibility. It’s a blank canvas that can become anything we imagine it to be. It’s a place of purpose, a place that is for something. In other words, we’re not here to just consume, we’ve been created, intricately designed if you will, to create.

This is especially true today’s ministry world. The word with which we reach people has not changed, but the way we reach people has. We’re now almost completely digitalized, battling for screen time as people’s eyes continue to look down into their devices. If the church can grasp the possibilities of reaching people in a new way we’ll continue to see more people added to the kingdom of God.

For generations, creatives have been the source of so much progression in our world. Whether it’s a painting that brings tears to your eyes, a song that soothes you and brings peace to your soul, or a technological advancement that makes doing a task easier, people who operate in the fullness of their imagination and creativity, make the world a better place.

Of course, when we hear the word “imagination” or the phrase “make the world a better place” it’s immediately thrown into a category of statements that have been Hallmark-ized. But for anyone that calls themselves a Christian, creativity is deep within our faith and what we believe about life.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” – Genesis 2:18 (ESV)

The Creation story, according to Christianity, is one of great depth and beauty. After six days of making everything, God notices something about what He’s made. He notices that His beloved and prized possession, man, is alone.

God looked at what He had made, and saw that there was still something missing. To this day, I believe, God still sees life this way. He notices the areas of His people’s lives that are empty, and reveals Himself as the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure.

If we too are made in the image of God, we’re given this same type of heart for humanity. We’ve been given the ability to see something, and then creatively come up with a way to make that something better.

Inside of each and everyone of us, is creativity. I remember the first time I ever rapped before. I had never thought about rapping, or even considered having an interest in rap, but the first time I freestyled it just made sense. Inside of me used to be combinations of words that rhymed and syllable patterns that clicked, but out of fear and insecurity of what people thought, it never came out.

“Fear wins when you don’t even try.” – Unknown

We’ve all be given something. An idea, a dream, a conviction, a song, a poem, a painting, an invention, something, we’ve all been given something. Instead of fighting against it, and finding everywhere possible to get away from it, why not just let it happen?

I recently saw a movie where one scene wrecked me. I’m not talking watery eyes, but a full on bawl. It wasn’t a sad moment, it wasn’t an awesome victory, but the scene revealed to me a lot about life, and how all of us are looking for fulfillment. Deep you may say, but instead of telling myself, “It’s just a movie” or “What’s wrong with you?”, I just let it happen.

Even today recalling that scene in my mind brings so many ideas and snippets of passion that I know aren’t meant just for me. They’re meant to become something, something that others can benefit from.

In Let It Happen, a song by a group of singers and musicians called United Pursuit, the lyrics penetrate into my heart in a way that not a lot of other things can. These words show that we’ve been created to be creative. We’ve been made to love, made to live, and made to find beauty in everything. You may find them cliche overused in our broken world, but instead of classifying a feeling as fake or unrealistic, why not let God use that moment as a seed to grow in you something that was never there before?

You’re full of life now

You’re full of passion 

That’s how He made you 

Just let it happen

Just let it happen. In the end you’ll be glad you did.