Momentum Killers (Part 1)


Our last Passionate Youth Pastors gathering was by far one of greatest yet. Joining us from Yakima, Washington was pastor Micahn Carter. Pastor Micahn and his wife April pastor Together church, a multi-site, multi-cultural church started almost thirteen years ago. Pastor Micahn is an articulate communicator and is easily one of this generation’s upcoming voices. You can learn more about pastor Micahn and together church HERE.

After a day filled with powerful worship and plenty of soul-cleansing moments, pastor Micahn shared some practical tips about things that kill our momentum in ministry. We’ll list the first six of his twelve “Momentum Killers” here, and we’ll pray that they impact you as much as they did us. For more Passionate Pastors content visit our Passionate Pastors Youtube Channel .


    It’s quite dangerous to start treating things as common. Especially in leadership we can get so passionate about getting somewhere, and then becoming average because we’re there. Great leaders keep pushing and finding new motivation each and every step of the way.


    The health of your culture can determine the success of your ministry. Sure, some things can sneak by in a dysfunctional culture, but in the long run if we’re not all living out what we believe we’ll struggle.


    One of pastor Micahn’s key points was that we celebrate loyalty more than we should. People can be loyal and still be divided. Let’s not overlook dysfunction just because someone’s been with us a long time. “Loyalty is an immature sign of unity.” People can be in the same place and still no be connected. As Paul said, let’s aim to “maintain the unity”.


    Keep in line with number three, if someone is hurting the team, we have to know how to transition them. Plain and simple if they’re heart isn’t in it, you’ll notice. You wouldn’t pay to bring an empty piece of luggage with you on a trip, in the same way don’t pay to bring an empty team member towards where you want to go.


    Especially in youth ministry, we can get caught up thinking that we need to do everything. So we create the service flow, we teach others the service flow, we put on the pre-service music, then we run to the back to preach and then we follow up with everyone and so on… it’s crazy. A key part of leadership is empowering others to do more so we can keep building more!


    Humility is a key part of what we do as leaders. Especially in church, we have to be careful to not assume that we are the reasons we are successful. The truth is we can’t control anything. We might plant, we might water, but it’s only God that gives increase. His grace is what empowers us to serve and ultimately point people to Him.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll share some of these points with your teams. We’ll get you the other six momentum killers soon so stay locked and stay passionate! We LOVE YOU.


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